TurboTides Pump

TurboTides Pump Design System

TurboTides for Pumps contains all the design, analysis and optimization tools a pump designer needs in a single monolithic seamless workflow and is made for the design and optimization for Radial, Mixed-flow and Axial Pumps.


  • Modern seamless workflow (GUI)
  • 1D meanline with advanced Data Reduction for model calibration
    • Include IGV, OGV, inducer, continuous crossover (CCX), vaneless and vaned diffusers, volutes.
  • 2D Throughflow and Blade to Blade CFD Solvers
  • Detailed 3D geometry generation
  • Advanced volute shaping and editing
  • Integrated 3D CFD
    • Automatic structured meshing mesh and simulation setup
    • “One-click” setup
  • Built-in optimization
  • Database for storing and re-using legacy designs for use in future designs
  • CAD Import/Export
    • Ability to import CAD models from common formats
    • Ability to export the 3D model for further applications like flow simulation (CFD), finite element analysis (FEA) and mechanical design (CAD).
  • Integration for seamless export to ANSYS CFX (through Turbo Grid). TurboTides is an authorized ANSYS Software Solutions Partner.
  • No extra costs for common functions such as LAN floating, multi-stage, CAD Import/Export, additional processors, etc.
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