TurboTides forms Collaborative Agreement with Flexware Inc.

TurboTides Inc. forms Collaborative Agreement with Flexware, Inc., to offer TurboTides integrated turbomachinery design package to CompAero and TurbAero users.

  • TurboTides Inc. and Flexware Inc. have announced an agreement whereby Flexware Inc.will help promote the TurboTides integrated turbomachinery design software package to users of CompAero and TurbAero, software programs originally created by the late Ron Aungier, a pioneer in the field of industrial turbomachinery design.
  • The companies have agreed on a technical collaboration to ensure CompAero andTurbAero users who need the fully modern and more full-featured TurboTides can experience a smooth transition to the newer and more functionally comprehensive system.
  • As part of the agreement, TurboTides will also be offering to its international clientsFlexware Inc.’s Flex Live® solution for continuous condition monitoring of turbines and compressors. Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA. August 1, 2018. TurboTides Inc., the publishers of theTurboTides next-generation, comprehensive design software package for turbomachinery,and Flexware Inc., turbomachinery consultants and the distributors of CompAero andTurbAero, have announced a business and technical collaboration whereby Flexware Inc. will help to promote the TurboTides integrated turbomachinery design software package to users of the CompAero and TurbAero software codes, which Flexware Inc. acquired from RonAungier in 2014.

TurboTides is a unified design software solution for turbomachinery that includes all the necessary design tools in a single software package and user environment. TurboTides may be used to design centrifugal, mixed-flow, and axial compressors, turbines, fans, blowers, and pumps for virtually any application. TurboTides includes fully integrated functions for cycle analysis, 1D mean line performance prediction, geometry generation for bladed and unbladed flow path components, a fully integrated CFD solution, FEA solution for stress and vibration analysis, and multidisciplinary optimization capability. TurboTides also includes a unique Knowledgebase module for capturing and retaining organizational knowledge of turbomachinery designs, including essential design data, CFD results, and experimental test data.
With this agreement, TurboTides Inc., will provide a smooth transition to TurboTides from CompAero and TurbAero which, though widely used, have not been recently modernized.

“TurboTides is uniquely suited to become the go-to solution for those CompAero and TurbAero users who require a more modern and fully complete design solution,” said Dr. Xuwen Qiu, President of TurboTides Inc. “In addition, a great deal of the modeling and design principles championed by Ron Aungier are already built into the DNA of TurboTides as a result of his substantial body of published work on turbomachinery design. Now we will add direct backward file compatibility and ensure a smooth transition for the many users of Ron’s software. We are honored to be working with the Flexware engineers, who know these codes so well.”

“Ron Aungier was my good friend,” said Ted Gresh, President and CEO of Flexware Inc. “At Flexware, we’ve been pleased and proud to sell and support Ron’s software all these years. The time has come, however, for us also to introduce to our clients who need it a truly modern and fully integrated solution for turbomachinery design that goes beyond what has been available before now. We are happy to know that Ron Aungier’s legacy for turbomachinery design lives on and will continue to help the turbomachinery engineering community he himself served so well during his lifetime.”

Flexware Inc. will continue to offer CompAero and TurbAero licenses to new and existing clients but will also make them aware of TurboTides if they require a more comprehensive solution. As part of the agreement, TurboTides Inc. will become a distributor for Flexware’s Flex Live® turbomachinery condition monitoring software. Financial details of the agreement were not disclosed.

About Ron Aungier. Ron Aungier was a lifetime Fellow of ASME and a pioneer in the field of industrial turbomachinery engineering. Mr. Aungier worked for 11 years at Carrier Corporation (Syracuse, NY) where he headed a group responsible for R&D in turbomachinery aerodynamics. He subsequently was Manager of Advanced Technology at Elliott Company (Jeannette, PA) until his retirement in 2004. Mr. Aungier wrote seminal books on design of turbomachinery, including centrifugal compressors, axial compressors, and axial and radial-inflow turbines, and was the original author of the CompAero andTurbAero programs for turbomachinery design, since licensed by approximately 100 organizations worldwide.

About TurboTides Inc.
TurboTides Inc., the developer and publisher of the TurboTides turbomachinery design system, is a New Hampshire-based company offering groundbreaking technologies and complete solutions for turbomachinery design. TurboTides Inc.provides sales, technical support, training and engineering consulting services for TurboTidescustomers worldwide.

About Flexware Inc.
Flexware Inc. is a turbomachinery engineering company located inGrapeville, PA. Flexware has distributed and supported Ron Aungier’s CompAero andTurbAero codes since 2007 and acquired full legal rights to them in 2014. Flexware also offers their own Flex Live® condition monitoring software for turbomachinery and performs rerates, seal retrofits, performance & vibration troubleshooting, and other turbomachinery