TurboTides Webinar - True AI Optimization Design

Join us for: The first ever Artificial Intelligence Optimization for Turbomachinery

TurboTides, in partnership with Vancouver-based Empower Operations, the AI Algorithm company, will demonstrate the most modern techniques in AI-driven optimization specially designed for turbomachinery.

We have combined technologies for a true design, simulation and optimization solution that will drastically cut product development times.

This webinar will focus on what it means for turbomachinery designers under pressure to deliver powerful, yet energy-saving machines to – for the first time – design compressors, fans, pumps, blowers, expanders and turbines via a seamless design workflow combined with a powerful optimizer and achieve fast turnaround times for their design iterations.

You will learn how our seamless interface coupled with advance AI optimization improves accessibility and usability of design optimization for your engineering team:

  • Simplicity via “Automatic Transmission”
    • Complexity of optimization is handled by
    • Just define the problem, constraints, and objectives.
  • Comprehensive Data Analytics
  • Decision-making module assists users in dealing with a large number of options

Attend this webinar to learn how:

  • to reduce your design iterations while maximizing efficiency much earlier in the design process.
  • you can calibrate models using CFD results or existing test data to drive more accurate performance predictions.

TurboTides’ presenters will demonstrate how you can put our seamless turbomachinery design + optimization system to work for your most advanced design needs.

We look forward to seeing you there!

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Two Sessions:

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