TurboTides International Launch

June 6, 2018
TurboTides® Turbomachinery Design Software Package is Launched Internationally

  • Complete design system covers all steps in the turbomachinery design process from thermodynamic cycles though CFD and FEA analysis while offering user-friendly integrated optimization and knowledge management.
  • Uniquely innovative, purpose-built knowledgebase captures design knowledge and experience to preserve organizational design knowledge and allow development of successful turbomachinery designs with higher confidence.

Lebanon, New Hampshire, USA. June 6, 2018 - TurboTides Inc., the publishers of the TurboTides next-generation, comprehensive design software package for turbomachinery, have announced the worldwide international release of TurboTides. Already in use by commercial clients in select test markets, TurboTides is now to be licensed worldwide. TurboTides is a unified design software solution for turbomachinery that includes all the necessary design tools in a single software package and user environment. TurboTides may be used to design centrifugal, mixed-flow, and axial compressors, turbines, fans, blowers, and pumps for virtually any application. TurboTides also offers an integrated optimization capability that can be used at each design step or may be span multiple steps at the same time.

TurboTides is designed to assist turbomachinery developers to optimize not just the stage design but the process itself. Built to handle single-stage or multistage turbomachinery, TurboTides includes thermodynamic cycle design and optimization capabilities that can be combined with 1D meanline performance prediction to make important design decisions. These decisions might include the power balance between compressor and turbine in a turbocharger or the pressure ratio split in a multistage air compressor. Meanwhile, the TurboTides Design Wizard incorporates application-specific design rules that allow even novice designers to obtain a reasonable starting design in three simple steps. When a meanline design has been finalized, TurboTides provides a starting design for the 3D geometry, which the user may then optimize interactively or automatically. It is here that flow passage contours, blade angle distributions, or blade thickness distributions, etc., may be optimized based on the included 2D blade-to-blade and throughflow simulation capabilities. The included optimizer can be used at this stage, for example, to minimize blade loading. From this step, a complete CFD simulation requires just a few mouse clicks while an FEA calculation for stress, thermal, or vibration analysis is just as straightforward to complete. “We at TurboTides are very excited about this international launch, which coincides with the release of our latest, feature-rich version of TurboTides,” remarked Dr. Xuwen Qiu, President of TurboTides Inc. and chief software architect for the TurboTides software.

“TurboTides is not a collection of different software programs that work together but rather one software package that uses a single, shared geometry model for every step of the design process. This “one-stop shop” serves to standardize the design process and facilitate faster design iterations, allowing diverse teams of designers to produce successful designs consistently while reducing overall design cycle time.”About TurboTides Inc. TurboTides Inc. is a New Hampshire-based company offering ground-breaking technologies and complete solutions for turbomachinery design.TurboTides Inc. provides sales, technical support, training and consulting for TurboTides customers worldwide.