TurboTides Announces Its 2021 Annual Release

Now providing first-of-its-kind CAD import of asymmetric components capabilities, plus many additional new features and enhancements in a single-platform turbomachinery design and analysis software system

Hanover, N.H. – October 18, 2021 —TurboTides, Inc., marketer of state-of-the-art turbomachinery design technology, today announces that the TurboTides™ 2021 Annual Release (TurboTides version 6.10.12) is now shipping. With newly upgraded turbomachinery design and analysis features and enhancements, including advanced computer-aided design (CAD) import of inlet chamber and volute designs among dozens of other new features and enhancements, the TurboTides 2021 Annual Release provides engineers with key capabilities for the design and optimization of centrifugal and axial compressors, turbines, pumps, and fans.

“TurboTides software has accomplished in-platform capabilities that other, similar systems just do not have,” said Scott Hanratty, Vice President of Sales, TurboTides. “This year’s release raises the bar even further by providing first-in-industry capabilities in addition to many major feature upgrades.”

TurboTides was designed to address two primary issues in a typical turbomachinery design optimization process: the ability to complete design on a single platform, and the ability to bring any components (or full stages) from past existing data.

Hanratty added, “TurboTides’ ability to tie existing design data into a one-dimensional (1D) model with the known accuracy of test data is a highly valuable time saver that has captured the attention of the industry.”

The major new features in the TurboTides 2021 Annual Release are:

  • CAD Import of Asymmetric Components
    • CAD import feature of inlet chamber and volute designs, which is an industry first.
    • Imported components meshed automatically as part of the flow passage, so computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation can be conducted for the whole flow passage in a seamless process.
    • Parametrization of volute imports to allow designers to further edit the volute.
  • Double-suction Fan and Pump Modeling - Provides support for the whole design process of double-suction fan/pump, from 1D preliminary design to three-dimensional (3D) geometry generation and full 3D CFD and finite element analysis (FEA).
  • Component-level Data Reduction - Developed on top of stage-level data reduction capability to allow test data input at each component inlet and outlet, which produces a calibrated model on the component level.
  • Casing Treatment Modeling - Provides support for the whole design process of casing treatment from 1D analysis to 3D geometry generation and 3D CFD simulation.

Some other major feature enhancements include:

  • 1D module: Calibrated axial thrust modeling
  • Geometry module: Flexibility in axial airfoil generation
  • Geometry module: double splitter and multi-row splitter
  • Geometry module: pipe diffuser modeling
  • CFD module: pump cavitation model in 3D CFD
  • CFD module: condensation model for turbine expander

Information on additional feature enhancements included in the TurboTides 2021 Annual Release is available by contacting us directly at info@TurboTides.com.

The TurboTides 2021 Annual Release is now available via the company’s worldwide sales office and authorized distributors. For more information, visit TurboTides.com.

Free TurboTides 2021 Annual Release Webinar
TurboTides is hosting a free webinar to demonstrate these new features and capabilities. The one-hour webinar is scheduled for November 4, 2021, at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Daylight Time. To register, contact TurboTides at webinars@turbotides.com.

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Founded in 2018 by Dr. Xuwen Qiu, TurboTides, Inc. is a New Hampshire corporation located in Hanover, N.H., USA. TurboTides, Inc. markets, sells, and supports the TurboTides Turbomachinery Integrated Design System, a new generation of advanced commercial software for turbomachinery design and analysis.

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