Work With a Team of Experienced Turbomachinery Professionals

Work With a Team of Experienced Turbomachinery Professionals

About TurboTides

TurboTides Inc. develops, markets, sells, and supports the TurboTides integrated turbomachinery design system, a new generation of advanced commercial software for turbomachinery design. TurboTides is a complete design software solution for all kinds of turbomachinery. TurboTides also offers the designing services starting from the priliminary stages, connecting contractors to manufacture the turbomachinery, and facilitating processes to test the machinery.

Our Founder
Dr. Xuwen Qiu

Dr. Qiu earned his Ph.D. from Syracuse University in Mechanical Engineering. For more than 20 years, Dr. Qiu has dedicated himself in developing new turbomachinery technologies, from 3D inverse blade design method, to compressor and turbine modeling to an integrated turbomachinery design system. Dr. Qiu is the primary author of the unified slip factor model for axial and radial impeller, the impeller recirculation loss model and innovative data reduction scheme that generates a predictive, calibrated 1D meanline model.

Director of Sales & Marketing
Scott Hanratty
Sales Director – Americas

A graduate of Pepperdine University, Mr. Hanratty brings to TurboTides over 30 years’ experience in direct and channel sales management. Having worked until recently at Concepts NREC, a turbomachinery engineering company in Wilder, VT, Mr. Hanratty has enjoyed a long career in sales of advanced engineering software at some of the industry’s most well-known companies, including ANSYS, Inc., MSC Software Corporation, and Autodesk, Inc.