The Embedded TurboTides Knowledgebase

Conventional turbomachinery design tools assume you will design each and every stage from scratch.

TurboTides instead includes a purpose-designed Knowledgebase so you build on your success:

  • Digitize both existing and new designs: store and manage designs and design approaches to support future R&D plus reduce design costs and risks.
  • Allow stored designs to be used as “building blocks” or a starting point for new designs: Create new designs with higher confidence.
  • Access your past design knowledge during the design process. Build on your success.
  • Advance your design capabilities: Find user’s design methods and criteria by analyzing knowledgebase
  • Preserve organizational knowledge. Don’t lose it when people retire, quit, die, or change roles.
  • The accumulation of design experience is essential for ongoing technology development. Own your future!
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