Multidisciplinary Optimization

TurboTides includes an optimization capability that can be used at each design step and can include multiple design steps simultaneously.

  • Optimize multiple stages within the same cycle to decide on power balance (e.g., turbocharger) or pressure ratio split (e.g., process gas compressor)
  • Optimize inlet and exit blade angles or vaneless diffuser pinch to meet design-point and off-design requirements (e.g., choke/stall margin).
  • Optimize rotating blade shapes in geometry model to minimize or smooth out blade loading.
  • Optimize the shape of the stationary passages and both bladed and unbladed segments, including volutes.
  • Optimize impeller backface shape and bore geometry to maximize performance while keeping stresses within limits.
  • Set many controllable variables and multiple success criteria to optimize across multiple steps in the design process (e.g., cycle + 1D + blade shape + backface shape).
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